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Man and Van Chorlton - Manchester

Name: Ivan

Phone: 07491763909

Please quote manandvantree.co.uk when calling!

Website : www.ivanivan.co.uk

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iVAN : intelligent MAN and VAN Move one sofa for £30 House moves expert £40/Hour or £3/Mile

iVAN : intelligent MAN and VAN. House moves expert, £40/Hour or £3/Mile

Move a single sofa,wardrobe or other furniture for only £30 around in Manchester.
For most tasks I charge £40/Hour in Manchester.
Most Small House Moves in Manchester that I do, take only 1 hour = Only £40
Most house moves in Manchester that I do take less than 2 hours.
One hour and half is how long an Average House Moves takes = £60
House moves that include Flats, Lifts and Long corridors usually take 2 hours = £80
If you have a massive house with a lot of furniture it can take 3 hours maximum.
Flat moves can take longer than 3 hours but 3 hours is the maximum I will charge if not going out of Manchester.
I have almost never charged more £100 for a house move in Manchester.

If there are unexpected hold ups during a house move and it takes much longer than planned, I give discounts and I charge only for the time that I am physically working to load and unload the van and the driving.
E.g. if we are spend 10 minuets to go to the shop to buy a drink, I will not charge for that time.
If we work work a few hours longer than expected and if I am not working as fast as lighting I will give a discount.

The faster the customer works and helps load and unload the van fast as lightning, the more money the customer saves. The more helpful people the customer brings and the faster we will do the task of moving the furniture and the customer will save more money.

(Optional. Second Intelligent Man with MASSIVE MUSCLES who works equally fast as me is £20/extra. I don't take a cut from his money and it is unbelievable that he can work equally fast as me. Together we can do big house move with a lot of furniture in less than 2 hours. Together we have done warehouse relocating, and other commercial moves.)

On long distance trips outside Manchester I do not count the time, but I only count the miles. I charge for one way direction, and then the return trip to Manchester is free.

On Long distance trips I charge £3/mile
E.g. House move Manchester to Liverpool = 34 miles X £3/mile = £102
On very Long trips more than 80 miles I charge £2/mile
E.g. Manchester to Birmingham = 86miles X £2/mile = £172
On very very Long trips more than 200 miles I charge £1.50/mile
E.g. Manchester to London = 220miles x £1.50/mile = £330

Long Wheel Base Mercedes-Benz Sprinter = Longest Massive Van on the road. Some vans are slightly wider than mine but they are not longer and not to easier to load fast.
My van is much bigger than it looks in the pictures.

Removals Service= Removing Rubbish = going to the tip / landfill
I do NOT remove rubbish and I keep my van clean.

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  • 29/10/2019
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