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Moving essential info
Moving can be much easier when you keep in mind the top tips for moving or relocating. Many like you opt for man and van movers as they are less-expensive and offer a personalised service and man and van really are a lot cheaper option to go for when you need to move house, flat or any single item from local shop or supermarket. Moving list of items The first suggestion even before you decide to find man and van moving company is to go around and make a list of the items you have around your home/flat garage or shed. This dont have to be absolutely exact list of all items however more accurate it will be more accurate quote can be provided to you from man and van moving company. This will mean that accurate moving quotes can be provided to you by any of the van and man movers you contact. List of items you need to move is really important and also can save you a lot of money. When you have your list ready you can send it to several man and van removal companies who, according this list of items you need to move can calculate accurate quote for you and also decide which size of van you actually need for your move. Packing Make your move go smooth! When you move to your new home mark each box clearly with the contents and the room your items are to go to. This idea may seem obvious but many forget this vital tip; so be kind to yourself and the man and van driver on moving day! Always pack fragile items as glasses and plates properly to bubble wrap and then to sturdy cardboard box. This can not only save your items from being damaged when loading and unloading to the van and to your new property but also save you money and make removal safer and faster as badly packed items takes longer to move because it consume more time to move these items more carefully than when they are packed properly. There is packing rule for televisions, mirrors, paintings and similar items. Televisions should be always packed to its original box therefore when you buy new television it is necessary to keep original box. Of course when original box is not available TV can be packed to another box however it must always be appropriate size and quality packing box. Never underestimate packing of your expensive items as when they are not packed properly and some accident occur it could mean that even if man and van is properly insured, insurance company could refuse to pay for damages because of inappropriately packed items. There are quite a lot of things to bear in mind though before you even begin to wrap up cups and plates or stack books in boxes! Packing glasses or fragile items carefully of course is a number one priority and they should be protected not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Wrapping them round with newspaper on its own isn’t enough as most people forget the importance of rolling up pieces of paper and putting gently inside or you can use bubble wrap or cotton wool. This creates an extra protective barrier and well worth the extra effort at the end of the day. Once items are in a box also ensure none are touching each other and put extra paper or wrap in between items as extra security. Afterwards, clearly mark on the box what is inside and that there are fragile items in large letters. This will also help your chosen man and van movers as they are clearly visible to take extra special care Most people decide to pack their own items as this is the most inexpensive method. You can find boxes, bubble wrap and packing materials on websites such as Ebay or Gumtree. You can easily place free ads on sites as well looking for boxes and packing items. Sometimes local shops and supermarkets have boxes as well, but these days many don’t seem to keep boxes for customers. Some man and van businesses provide these at an extra cost so you can always ask. However, it’s really convenient and cheaper to gather your own packing materials. Parking Parking is very often underestimated factor when removal vans or trucks coming to move your furniture or just pickup/deliver any other single item. Most often case is when tenants from flat in city centres book vans and they expect them to park in underground car parks. If not all, most of removal vans are over 2,6m height so there is no chance they will fit to any underground car park which are normally restricted with 2m height limit or even less. Sometimes this limit is only 1,7m or often 1,8m. Please when you book your removal man and van make sure you find appropriate parking for truck or van. To avoid any troubles when removals come it is best is to ask concierge, receptionist or caretaker where is best to park. Normally big buildings have designated loading bays for commercial goods vehicles so if you arrange or book this loading bay for your move it could save you a lot of time and money as this can make your move a lot faster. Website manandvantree.co.uk offers search facility for man and van services in whole England Scotland and Wales. Man and Van Tree user can find a company by selecting location and finding the closest search results for your moving needs. This search facility is free and you will receive information about several companies. You can find removals services in any part of UK.